Sawston Village College

Gary Whitton Various outreach projects

Sawston Village College is an academy school in Sawston, Cambridgeshire, England. It was previously the first Community college in the country and the first Village College. The College is committed to extending learning beyond the classroom and forging links with schools and communities overseas.

The Erasmus KIKS project teams are working under the supervision of Mr Gary Whitton . Gary is Head of Science and he also has a role in STEM Outreach. His teams have been drawn together from across a number of year groups and they are coordinated and lead by a group pf yr 11 students from the senior end of the school . The team members will be working towards the Bronze and Silver CREST awards from the British Science Association for their work on the Erasmus projects.

They have made good progress on a plan of activities based on their experience of running a STEM Club and attending external events such as the STEM Fair:

Team 1 is the GCSE astronomy club and they want to research circumpolar stars – learn how to do star trail photography and how to calculate the sidereal day

Team 2 is the STEM club they will be making model Philae Landers and producing a PowerPoint Presentation and learning resource

Team 3 will be Coding. An existing coding resource will be adapted to work with the group of early learners