Linton Village College

Steve Groom Wing Profile & Lift

LVC is a small village school academy since February 2011 and with over 800 students on roll, we are committed to creating a stimulating and lively environment where all people can realise their full potential. Our specialisms in Business & Enterprise and Applied Learning demonstrate our commitment to ensuring that our community prospers in future years.

In 2013, we became a National Teaching School, leading an alliance dedicated to teacher training and school support in Cambridgeshire and Suffolk. Linton is also an International School.

The Linton Village College team is made up from Y10 students who have decided to investigate/explore, through a series of experiments, the best type of wing profile with Aileron design to generate lift. Their idea is to measure the lift load of different designs, measured at various angles of attack. They then plan to further investigate the effect of vortex airflow caused by different Aileron designs. The school has a Wind Tunnel built during a previous engineering project. At present the Erasmus teams are designing a rig to hold the aircraft wings in the wind tunnel. They are also investigation methods of displaying the airflow patterns in the wind tunnel.

Two Cambridge schools have registered their students for the CREST Award: