Coche Solar

Here it is an alternative project/activity which implies to do the same activity in two schools of different countries and one videoconference to share experiences, compare data and debate about the obtained results. Here is a document to describe it.

This activity could be proposed to use it only in one country. The video you can see below is a possible option to do it. The study of the motion of the solar cell car it is the starting point to propose one activity regarding the orientation and inclination of solar panels. The activity connects the movement of a solar cell car with the inclination of the solar cell. Also, the influence observed in the movement of the car when the inclination of the solar cell is modified, is the “motivation” to study the solar movement along a day and a year (at the same place and at different places). This study of the movement of the sun is related with the orientation and inclination a solar panel must has.

Description of the activity