Parkside School

Jean Freeman and Matt Applegate Automated Cat Toys & Arduino

Parkside is a Key Stage 3-4 Pupil Referral Unit catering for the needs of young people who are unable to access mainstream education due to social, medical or emotional needs. Many of the young people who are referred to Parkside have medical needs and suffer from, or have suffered from, mental health difficulties. Many also have an Autistic Spectrum Disorder which makes functioning in mainstream education challenging

The KIKS students are 14-16 year old volunteer children of intellectual ability who are individually teacher-supported and brought together in small groups to develop solutions to the challenge.

Automated Cat Toys At Parkside Academy, Suffolk, England, students are designing a series of automated cat toys using motors, Arduinos and capacitive resistance. We have successfully made an Arduino trigger of a motor when it senses something is near.

Next Steps

Now that the proof of concept has been completed, there is the 3D Design of our interactive “Cat Toy” designed at Parkside Academy and soon to be 3D printed. Parkside have experience in and are considering the Student Digital Ambassador role and international collaboration.