Activity 2. Amplifiers, Arduino and Eno

The STEAM group at Westbridge school have been working on amplifiers, Arduino and Eno.

 Amplifiers Ryan and Liam have been working hard, including taking kit home, to develop an amplifier – here it is and they’re now fitting it into a box (is the sound louder inside or outside the box – and why`).

Arduino Mike is showing us the Arduino used to program a beautiful digital display in which colours are mixed according to the program – fast you can see the colours changing, slow and you don’t see it real tim but then perceive something has changed.

Mike has been working on this box with Eno, the English musician and producer, who has worked witjh Bowie, U2 and Coldplay and has also pursued a variety of multimedia projects in parallel with his music career.

I think it was Ryan who said “Why don’t we hook up the amplifer to the Arduino and the display to create music and colour movement?

Next steps Ryan, Liam and Kieron will consolidate their technical expertise and explore new ideas until Christmas. In January, they will create and promote their work inspitring others and initial contact has been established with the Spanish team (Jose Bua). Mike has suggested that the team might meet ENO in his music labs to discuss the project.