Palokka School

Palokka’s new school center has been opened in August 2012. The school includes Palokka comprehensive school (grades 1-9) Palokka Regional Library, manufacturing and cooking facilities, civic facilities and sports hall. In the academic year of 2016-2017 Palokka school has about 510 pupils and 42 teachers. The community respects diversity: different cultures and viewpoints are equally valuable. The school is not based on already given values, but to create an open atmosphere in which children and young people can actually build their own values. Pupils are taught to the acceptance of differences, as well as a critical and holistic thinking. Home-School co-operation is based on parent’s committee whose informal meetings various issues related to education and upbringing are discussed.

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Contact teachers for KIKS project: Talja Annukka mathematics teacher and principal and Jarmo Laaksonen art teacher.