Institution: Universidad de Cantabria

The University of Cantabria is a young modern public institution whose main purpose is to contribute to social progress through a firm commitment to teaching and scientific excellence. This concern has led to the UC being firmly committed to quality in its work, a commitment put into practice via a process of constant review and improvement of all its teaching, research and administrative activities. This constant demand for quality means that the UC is now considered one of the ten best universities in Spain with regards to quality and scientific productivity.

Team members:

  • Jose Diego

Jose_2Dr. Jose Diego-Mantecón received his M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics education from Cambridge University (UK). He is currently working from University of Cantabria and he has large experience on developing and working on international projects. He was part of the Millennium Mathematics Project (MMP) of the University of Cambridge, which is directed by the theoretical physicist and mathematician Jhon Barrow. As part of the MMP, Jose was responsible for several years of the Spanish version of the Maths Thesaurus Project, which is a thesaurus of school and undergraduate mathematics across different languages. Jose has an extensive background on the evaluation of comparative studies as well as on the design of methodological instruments for cross-cultural studies. In his last research project he has developed a valid instrument to evaluated student mathematics-related beliefs in Mexico, Spain, Slovakia, Ireland, England, and Cyprus (Diego-Mantecón, 2013). Nowadays, Jose collaborates on TIMSS. He was the Spanish representative on the last meeting of the project in Amsterdam (2012) for designing the mathematics items for TIMSS 2015. Apart from the above, Jose works in several national projects in Spain which aim to reach education. Email: Phone number: (+0034) 942 20 13 53

  • Tomás Recio

Prof. Tomás Recio is the current responsible person for the Instituto GeoGebra de Cantabria, with a substantial leadership among the other GeoGebra Institutes in Spain. He has been for about a decade, the chair of the Consejo Escolar de Cantabria (Regional School Board) and member of the Consejo Escolar del Estado. Both institutions link the education system to the community (of parents, administration and education authorities, teachers, etc). He has developed, over the years, diverse connections to regional and national organizations and authorities concerning education and teacher training, that could be useful in the development of the project.
At the international level, he has been the Spanish representative at the ICM (International Commission on Mathematics Education) and has been recently involved in the ICMI promoted Klein Project, as well as in the EU-funded projects Intergeo and Fibonacci, both related to Dynamic Geometry and Mathematics Education.

  • María José González


Dr. María José is professor at University of Cantabria with 29 years of experience in the teaching and learning of mathematics. She holds a PhD in Real Algebraic Geometry and a Master Degree in Mathematics Education. She has a large experience on Mathematics Education Research, mainly focused on mathematics teacher knowledge and Information Technology (IT). Since 1995 she has published more than 50 articles related to Mathematics Education in several international journals and congress. She has also been president of the Cantabrian Society of Mathematics Teachers, vice-dean of the Faculty of Science at University of Cantabria, and treasurer of the Spanish Society for Research in Mathematics Education (SEIEM in Spanish).

  • Irene Polo Blanco


La profesora e investigadora Irene Polo Blanco realizó el doctorado en la Universidad de Groningen (Holanda). Su tesis doctoral trata sobre modelos para la enseñanza de la geometría combinando aspectos didácticos, históricos y matemáticos. Actualmente su investigación se centra en estas tres líneas, presentándose sus trabajos en numerosos congresos nacionales e internacionales. Desde 2011 disfruta de una plaza de contratado doctor en el área de Didáctica de las Matemáticas en la Universidad de Cantabria desde donde ha publicado numerosos artículos de impacto internacional.


  • José Benito Búa


Dr. Jose B. Búa received his Ph.D. in mathematics education from Santiago de Compostela University. He has an extensive experience in European collaborative projects (Xplora, Comenius and eTwinning). He took part in the eTwinning project Goal!, receiving the Spanish eTwinning National Award in the year 2012. He is also a Mathematics’ teacher in a Secondary School (IES Sánchez Cantón, Galicia, Pontevedra). At the moment, Búa is closely colaborating with University of Cantabria.


  • Teresa Fernández Blanco

fotocarnet8 (2)

Dr. Teresa Fernández is professor at University of Santiago de Compostela. She holds a Bachelor Degree in pure Mathematics, and a Master Degree in Education. She also holds two PhDs: one in Numerical Methods in Partial Differential Equations and a second one in Didactic of Experimental Sciences. She is a known researcher in geometry and modelling, having supervised several PhD thesis in this area of research integrating STEM. Since 2006, she is secretary of the Department of Didáctica de las Ciencias Experimentales at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Santiago of Compostela. She is also member and coordinator of the SEIEM (Sociedad Española de Investigación en Educación Matemática) Scientific Committee. Apart from the above, Teresa has collaborated and led a large number of national and international projects in mathematics education. At the moment, she is closely colaborating with University of Cantabria.

  • Maitane Pérez Istúriz


Maitane received her degree in Mathematics in 2013 from the University of Cantabria. In 2014 received her Master in Teacher Training in Secondary Education in Mathematics. In her master thesis she analyse why 12 to 16-years-old-students make mistakes when they solve linear equations. In 2014 she started her PhD in Mathematics Education in the University of Cantabria under Jose Diego-Mantecón and Irene Polo’s supervision. Maitane has been always interested in Mathematics Education and she has worked in some Spanish Schools as a support teacher. Nowadays she works as associate professor and  she is a PhD student in the University of Cantabria.

  • Ignacio González Ruiz

NachoIgnacio González-Ruiz holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics (University of Cantabria, 2013) and a Master degree in Didactics of Mathematics (Universiy of Granada, 2014).  Since he began his research activity, coinciding with his last year of college, he has worked in several topics linked to mathethematics teachers’ knowledge and practice, advanced mathematical thinking, didactics of algebra and statistics education. Nowadays, he is a PhD student in statistics education and associate profesor at the University of Cantabria.


  • Juan José Sáenz de la Torre Lasierra

Juan José Sáenz de la Torre Lasierra received his Physics degree from University of Zaragoza in 2014. In 2015 he graduated from his in Teacher Training in Secondary Education, specializing in Science Education. He also holds a Master in Science Communication. Nowadays he works as an assistant researcher at the University of Cantabria and collaborates at Principia Science Magazine.